Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Clearview Firefighters honored for service

Story by Michael Gennings, Simcoe.com

STAYNER - Members of the Clearview Fire Department were presented with service awards last Monday night.

The awards, which come in the form of a certificate, signed by Chief Dave Carruthers and Mayor Ken Ferguson, were handed out at the start of Clearview Township council’s meeting at the municipal office in Stayner.

Chief Dave Carruthers and Capt. Richard Perry were recognized for 30 years’ service.

Firefighter Garry Stamp was honoured for 25 years’ service and firefighter Clarke Richards for 20 years’ service.

Awards for 15 years’ service went to Deputy Chief Bob McKean and firefighters Douglas Long, John Seney, Trent Campbell, David Culham, Lucy Coates-Goorts and Edward Van Severen.

Awards for 10 years’ service went to firefighters Wayne Balon, Andrew Isaac, Christopher Sampson, Katharine Blohm and Richard Millsap.

Firefighters Heath Blount, David Finnigan, Darren Long, Mark Ruzylo, Kevin Spears, Richard Washer, Dave Dyer, Scott Gallacher, Peter Redpath, Scott Santia, Andrew Stymiest and Shawna Wyant were recognized for five years’ service.

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